Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I made another one...

The Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented is a wee bit addicting. It's such a fun bag with its zippers and pockets and fun finish of zipper that is handle. Because I like making them, and one of my best friends from college requested one from fabric that I was trying to destash via Instagram, a commissioned bag was spawned. This was the seventh one I've made and it took me just under 2.5 hours from start to finish. I love my Pfaff which can handle all the layers when putting the sides together with the body of the bag.

Along with wanting the elephants as the focus print, she said I could use any other blue that I wanted throughout. So I went with a mix of Allison Glass Streamers and V and Co Simply Style plus a solid ocean blue.

The front and back (is there really a front/back) are identical with the patchwork stripe.
 Pocket linings! It's always fun to have a little pop of the unexpected. 
 This shows the streamers as the middle two open pockets and the inside of the accordion pieces.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

100 Quilts 4 Kids Bloghop

Welcome to the second stop on the 100 Quilts 4 Kids Bloghop!
100 Quilts for Kids

The DC Modern Quilt guild runs a charity quilt drive each year called 100 Quilts 4 Kids. It was started by Katie Blakesley of SwimBikeQuilt, the guild's former president.  This year the quilts will be donated to the Carpenter's Shelter in Alexandria, VA. For people who donate quilts there are some great prizes available! The DCMQG is also working on several group quilts. I will be doing the quilting on one of them at the September meeting. 

I'm using this is a way to push myself to finish up WIPs and using orphan blocks. 

I had a lot of fun practicing a new freemotion pattern on this quilt. It's small ~30"x40"
Quilt 2: Riley Blake Quilt Challenge Faux Cathedral Windows
This one hasn't been quilted yet, but it's also a small quilt. 
Quilt 3: Set in Hexagons measures ~50"x48"
This one will have a minky backing to make it extra soft.  Then it will be bound in red to echo the internal border. The white border will have some fun freemotion in red thread. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Metro Lattice - Piecing done in a week.

I'm pretty pleased with the Metro Lattice pattern to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt. This one will finish to 54"x60" once I put the connector pieces on either side; those are cut and pieced, just not ironed and trimmed so they didn't make it up onto the design wall. However, you can see the little squares on the left side that will go between them.
I'm going to have fun with free motion quilting on this one. I haven't decided if I'm going to do an all over design or custom quilting with the rings/centers being different. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Curves and more curves

Yesterday was the DCMQG sewing day at Finch Studio in Leesburg, VA. It was my first time in Leesburg (without being at a soccer field or the outlets). Finch is a great sewing space, and there were many little restaurants which the guild availed itself to when it was lunch time.

Since the sewing space was limited, I didn't bring the big bed quilt that I'm working on, Framed Squares, so I brought the Quick Curve Ruler and charm packs of Barcelona which I had already started sewing into HSTs to make the Metro Lattice pattern - aka Double Wedding Ring without the annoyance. In all honesty, I didn't actually buy the pattern, but was able to figure out the construction just by looking at pictures of it. I think mine is actually a little smaller than the official pattern since I used charm squares to make my centers.

This was my practice block using scraps from my polka dot quit. You can see that I wasn't super careful and matched up the purple and green cut outs (oops!), but this is why it was a practice block.

Here is my work area at Finch and then a basic layout just on the cutting mat to show what this will look like. I haven't actually done the calculations because I'm a little lazy on it, but the finished product will have 30 center squares, which should make it approximately 50"x60"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Toy!

So as quilters, we all know that notions = toys. I had a whole bunch if credit card rewards that I can now link to Amazon. I had been eyeing a Quick Curves Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful for quite some time, but it's hard to justify a $25 ruler; that becomes much easier when it becomes only $1.87 out of pocket. 

Last night to inaugurate sewing curves - my first time when it wasn't a 3D object turned out well. It helps that they have a series of YouTube tutorials to explain how to use the ruler correctly. 

If you'll remember to late June, I posted about a pink block I made for a charity quilt going to a cancer center in Grand Rapids, MI. Rather than just make blocks that would never be used, my practice blocks (that were good enough) were made in the pink theme for Anna to add to the quilt. 

While I was sewing, I had company from Pippa, who is as I write becoming less of a lady at the Spay Spot - friendly reminder it's actually bad for female cats to have repeated heat cycles without having kittens, it can cause major hormonal imbalances leading to cysts and other health issues. But as always, she was my supervisor. She probably won't be jumping quite that high for the next week or two.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Slow times...

It's been nearly a month since the last post. I got to the end of night shift, but since I had gone on vacation in the middle of the 10 weeks for my college reunion, I got thrown into that jet lag feeling again and just wasn't feeling the draw to the sewing room.

I'm back on days now and have sunlight for working. I'm plugging along on the Framed quilt with 48 blocks done. Only 30 fit on my design wall at a time though! This was on the dining room floor, but they've since been transferred to the wall. I'm thinking of making it 86x98 instead of the full 98x98, which was the original intention.
My other project yesterday was making a scrub cap. I've started shadowing CRNAs (Nurse Anesthetists) in the OR at work in preparation for submitting my grad school paper work through the Navy. I had to wear the lunch lady mesh hair net, and decided that wasn't my thing. I went on Etsy and bought a great, simple pattern for $4 and had this made in under half an hour. It even has elastic in the back. The ones for sale there were all $12-18, which just seemed like too much for something I knew I could make easily. And the moose are so cute - it was a novelty print that I've had in my stash for a while. I will definitely be making more of these. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

For Pinks Sakes

Welcome to the For Pinks Sakes Blog Hop!

This blog hop is being done by many quilters across the country. Each person is making at least one block for a charity quilt that will be donated to the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in Grand Rapids, MI, where Anna Gering's Mother-in-Law, Tina, has been getting her cancer treatment. (Fun fact, I'll be going out to Grand Rapids in August with my rowing team for USRowing Master's Nationals). 

If anyone wants to get involved and repost about the blog hop, donate a block, or contributes to the Go Fund Me campaign there is a give away that will happen on August 2nd. Find more information by clicking on the button above which links back to Anna's blog, Life Sew Crafty, which has all the details. Anna's MIL has been very upbeat throughout the whole treatment process, but the one thing getter her down has been the medical bills, so if you've got the resources, think about donating. 

The block I created was a simple HST 16 patch. I love all the different patterns one can make with HSTs. This is a pink fabric that I've had in my stash for quite awhile, and now it's going to an excellent cause. I paired it with a pale pink solid from Art Gallery. The block is 12.5" square. I started with 4" squares of each fabric, drew the line down the middle, sewed my 1/4" seam on either side and cut. That's my favorite method of making HSTs. I like bold, geometric designs and the strong diagonals was the winner of the several layouts I auditioned. 

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